Best practices for getting started

Here are some steps that ensure a smooth delivery of the course. We'll update this list constantly according to your feedback so please do get in touch at with questions and feedback!

Run the course by your IT staff

The course is very easy to use but we definitely recommend checking with your IT staff that it can be run on your school's systems. There is a very slim chance that it may conflict with your school's security and firewall settings, particularly if pupils are completing the course individually in computer rooms. 

Share login instructions with relevant staff

If you are the relevant point of contact for Nebula Learning at your school, then please share the login instructions and your school code with the staff who are delivering the course. This will have been emailed to you, so all you need to do is forward that email. 

Teachers should each create a new account on our system rather than share one username and password.

Teachers who deliver the course should all create their own account and use their school's access code. Multiple signups on different computers for the same account may be flagged as a security breach. Signing up literally takes one minute in any case. 

Use the latest Google Chrome

Our course works best with Google Chrome. However, if Chrome is not updated to the latest version then the course may not run properly. If your Chrome has a green button in the top-right corner, it is due an update. If the arrow is not there, you are using the latest version of Chrome.

If pupils complete the course individually, we recommend they  update Chrome  if necessary.

We have found that staff computers are usually up-to-date because they are used more, whereas pupil computers sometimes run outdated browsers.

All computers need to update Chrome eventually, so this is really killing two birds with one stone.

Complete a "dummy run"

We encourage teachers to first check that the course works on their computer. This can be done straight after they sign up and log on for the first time by simply checking that the videos play as they should.

Click "Complete and Continue" to progress to the next section

This is a minor point but when users want to progress to the next part of the course, they should click the "Complete and Continue" button in the top-right rather than selecting sections in the left-hand menu.

If users simply select sections without clicking "Complete and Continue", the completion % bar will not update

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